Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teen Mission Trip

A few weekends ago, a few staff members took the teens that live on our campus, on a mission trip to an orphanage about 1 ½ hours away in the desert. It’s hard to put 500 pictures and a weekend of memories into a short blog but I’ll do my best.

We loaded up 2 Back2Back vehicles with food, luggage, work supplies, and teens to try a new adventure. None of the teens were sure what to expect but we wanted them to experience what our work teams experience when they come to Back2Back.
The teens took turns helping prepare meals and clean up and actually they all were very willing to help!

The morning started with breakfast, quiet time, a small group time, and then prep to leave. We headed out Saturday to the nearby pueblo (small town) to do a work/outreach project. The clinic needed repair and we painted, did electrical work, and repaired doors, etc. There were lots of children hanging around watching. At lunch we handed out lunches we had packed to these same children and had lunch together. After a day of work, our teen girls had prepared a kind of Bible School for the local children. They had a Bible story of David and Goliath and an art project, and games. I loved watched our teens faces as they played and helped the children. There were so many smiles everywhere!
Meanwhile we also gave out sheets/towels and food to the women of the village. The day ended with us circling around and praying for the people who had come out. I watched as our teens lay hands on the children and prayed over everyone and my heart was full of joy!

That evening in debriefing almost everyone of our group said they hadn’t been sure about this trip and didn’t really want to come, but their minds had been changed and they loved it!

Sunday we visited a local church and went back to hang out a little more with our new friends at the Casa Hogar ?. I know I saw some tears as we pulled away to head back to Monterrey.

What an amazing opportunity for these teens who have groups coming to them and serving them, to go out and do the very same thing! God is moving in them and they are learning to serve Him. They are ready to go again!!