Sunday, April 19, 2009

How many people can you fit in a car??

In Mexico it's not important- they just pile them in! So when we went over to Casa Hogar Douglas to pick up kids to bring them to campus for a pool party, I had 10 people in my little Jetta! But it was so fun. We were all laughing and the kids loved the sun roof! We made memories!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter eggs!

I invited the girls from the Ester house to my house to dye Easter eggs. They had never done it and were very curious about it all!! We had a lot of fun and laughs. They were so proud of their eggs that I heard they put them in their rooms, until someone told them they should be refrigerated.

Friday, April 3, 2009

El Retiro Juvenil

El Retiro Juvenil or (ERJ) is a childrens' home 45 minutes south of Back2Back. They are a smaller home run by Martha and Carlos who are Christians and teach the children about God. They have been struggling financially this year when their usual monthly supporters stopped supporting them. We sent out a plea and another church sent money for food. We decided that instead of just buying food, we would cook it and make a meal for them. Last Friday night we took out an italian meal of baked spaghetti. It was very different for them but they liked it. It was funny to hear one of our staff men, Juan, explain how to dip the vegetables into the dip and then eat it. After dinner, we built a bonfire and had smores. The kids had so much fun and we did too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have fallen in love with this precious little girl who lives at Casa Hogar Douglas. About 2 months ago, the day she got dropped off with her infant brother, Jesus, I happened to be with Douglas. We had a group from the States who were taking the kids on a field trip. I met her that day and she looked scared but yet talked a lot when she was one-on-one with a person. She will seek me out when I go there now and during church will sit with me and clap to the songs with me and hold my hand. She even fell asleep on me one night. Karime has a single mother who works during the week and comes to visit her kids on Sundays. I witnessed her mom's goodbye one night as Karime cried and said "No te vayas" which means "don't go". It broke my heart. This mother isn't necessarily a bad mom, since she wants her kids taken care of while she has to support herself, but this is a story too often told here in Mexico. Now that we have church at Douglas every Sunday, my prayer is that her mother will come early and sit in church with us and come to know Jesus. Praise the Lord that they get this opportunity when they may never have if she hadn't come to CHD.