Thursday, December 6, 2007

Manantial de Amor

Saturday, Kathy, Cathy, Katie, and I went to one of the girls' homes and hung out for a few hours. We will be doing that more often and planning special activities with the girls. I already have a special relationship with one of the girls, Kareli, who I met my first year here and then again the 2nd year. She is the one holding the Twister box.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

busy week

Last week we had 35 women here from Cincinnati who come and do Christmas activities. They go to each childrens' home and give out presents and do crafts and decorate. They go to the Rio and Cadareyta and do outreaches. Plus they do some decorating here on campus and include the women staff with meals, etc. I enjoyed meeting them and getting to be a part of some of the things they did. One day I left my kids out of school early so I could go with them to the Rio and other times I met up with them after school or they included the staff children.

American and Mexican women working together to make blankets.

A SMCA craft day!

My students' outreach was putting together baskets for the masons who work for us.

On their last night we brought in girls from 2 homes and did hair, makeup, nails and had dinner together.