Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eating baked potatoes at the Market

I like to try new places to eat although some people maybe would be afraid. Friday Corrie and I bought these baked potatoes with meat, cheese, and tons of butter. We could only eat about 10 bites.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life is an Adventure!

I am learning a lot about myself and I have learned even more that I love unexpectedness and the unknown, and I don't enjoy routine. Well I go walking as many days as I can outside the property and each day is a new surprise. You never know what you might see. It could be a parrot in a tree, a horse tied along the road, baby goats just born with the umbilical cord still hanging (gross), or my favorite dog, Patch (my name for him).


Friday, March 7, 2008

My first Quincenera

Wednesday night I got to go to a Quincenera, which is a celebration this culture has for girls when they turn 15. It is almost like a wedding. The girl is dressed up and there is a ceremony. She receives a watch, a ring, a Bible, and flowers. Then there is a meal, and music and she sits up front. Of course I didn't understand all of it with the language but I am able to comprehend more and more every day.
It was held at a new childrens' home, Imperio de Amor, because that is where Liseth lives.
Inside the childrens' home:

Liseth lives at the childrens' home but was escorted by her father:

Jazmine, Ewelin, and I

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gracias a Dios!!

God really does more than we could ever ask or imagine and why do we have a hard time believing that...This week I got into my car to run errands and it would not move from Park. Some of the guys here checked it out but weren't exactly sure what to do and it wouldn't go so I had to get it towed to the VW place. (Thankfully VW's are popular here) One of our staff, Gabo, took care of everything because of language so he went with me. Right away I went to the place of worry... Here I am in a foreign country...What if they do something to my car? What if they make it worse? What if it is hundreds of dollars?...I know worry is not from God, so I tried to give it to him. I called my prayer warriors to pray and everyone here was praying... Today I got the call that it was done and it was $50!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!! That never happens. But of course it does happen with God! Thank you Jesus!!