Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Back2Back

Over 100 people who live together on our campus, gathered together in House 5, which is a teen home that isn't quite finished. We had tables and chairs in every room and it was decorated and there was plenty of food. 6 turkeys were cooked for it and we all gathered in the evening after the work day was over. We had 3 groups here so they had their own catered Mexican dinner so that the staff could all be together...Only in Mexico would you have to chase a wild dog out of the house before we could start dinner!

The kids room!!

Thanksgiving Luncheon with Sierra Madre Christian Academy

Last Friday we had our annual Thanksgiving lunch for the students. It was a lot of fun to dress up and eat and then play 'pin the hat on the turkey'.
My little Indians...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dedication at Del Norte

We have been working on a multi-purpose room for the Casa Hogar Del Norte for awhile now. It is finished and is beautiful! Martha, the director, wanted to have a room for church services, activities, and for the children to play in when it is raining or cold outside. Del Norte has the majority of children age 7 and under. It was so exciting to see the project as it progressed. We worked on it this summer. I remember mixing cement for the floors and then hauling cement blocks for the walls. My friends at Granger Comm. Church worked hard digging holes for the footings of the wall.

We had a dedication ceremony and filled the place with people who helped make this happen. The children sang, a pastor spoke, thank-you's were given, and then a meal was served.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is Kareli from Manatial de Amor. I get to see her when we do activities with the girls there.

This is Kareli and I about 4 years ago when I came as a youth leader for a week in the summer. I love that I was able to keep this relationship going and continue to connect with her.

High School Musical 3

We have a fund that has money we can use for special events. On opening night, we took the girls of Manatial de Amor and 2 of our teen girls from campus to see High School Musical 3. It was so much fun even though it was in Spanish! It was all worth it when the girls screamed for Troy Bolton when he came on the screen..ha.. Girls are girls no matter where you are.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My late birthday celebration!

There is a lake south of Back2Back and I have always wanted to go out on it. When I found out you could rent boats I wanted to do it for my birthday. So a bunch of my friends and I went out last Sunday night. The area down by the water was like another world. There were people everywhere, bars and restaurants everywhere, and horses and people giving horse rides, it was like a party. The boat was $50 an hour and could have held 50 or more people but we just had 8! Ha...They also had music and karaoke. We brought our dinner with us and watched the sun go down, played games, and danced. It was so much fun!!
Not our boat, but similar

View from the boat

"La Boca" or 'the mouth' which is the name of the lake

Fall fun!

My class had a fun day of measuring, weighing, and then painting faces on pumpkins. Then we cut one open and estimated how many seeds it would have. After pulling them out and counting them, we roasted them and ate them!!!