Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend in Traverse City

So I got away and enjoyed my time visiting old friends in Traverse City, Michigan. We had a bridal shower for Jana who is getting married in June. Then we just hung out, sat in the hot tub, and talked. It was a great weekend. Love you guys!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Just breathe

I get caught in this cycle of going, going, going and then getting beat down. Then I figure out how to get caught up and start over again. Judy spoke Wednesday night at Oasis about taking time to hear from God and how she took a day away by herself. I needed to hear that this week. I had been feeling overwhelmed by all the things I am in charge of: a bridal shower at work, a baby shower, secretaries day celebration at work, a going away party for my student teacher, a Cinco de Mayo party for the kids, a painting project, plus my own fundraisers for Mexico. I am going away this weekend and I got a flat tire!! I live on sticky note lists all over the place. Not only do I have work and evening activities but now I have pre-evening things to fit in. I want to make time for friends as I know I now only have 3 months left. Plus I was battling migraines all weekend. I know I am not the only one to be busy but I know that whenever I feel like I can't breathe... I need to make time for God...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

my first fundraiser!

Last night was amazing! I was so overwhelmed with all the support. Those of you who know me know that, yes, I am emotional and I could hardly get through my talk. I am so thankful for all the friends and family that I have. It is not my gifting to speak in front of people but I know that part of serving God is doing things we are not always comfortable with.
I had about 70 people there and made over $2000! What a blessing! At the last minute I had lots of donations. A restaurant donated 18 pies for refreshments and the Marriott was very good to me. They even donated a 1 night stay to auction off. I had about 30 pieces of art, some jewelry, and a lot of services such as haircuts, personal training, room painting, etc... to auction off.
Corey Mann, our youth pastor, spoke and has been such a support. Also, Heather Merrill is here from Mexico and she spoke too. I loved having her there to help out.
I can see God's timing in everything as I have a student teacher from Bethel College right now which gave me time to get things ready.
(My 6 year old niece just found out last night that I am leaving for a year and on the way home from the fundraiser she asked her parents if I was going to live in a hut!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


So I have my first fundraiser Tuesday. I am stressing about all kinds of things but it will all fall into place. I got the idea to do an art auction and thought about selling my own art, then it went to asking all my artist friends for art to sell, and people have blessed me so much. I have about 35 pieces of art, plus hair cuts, a night of babysitting, 2 hours of labor, 3 hours of housecleaning, 1 hour of personal training, and more...I haven't had as much luck with the restaurants around here. I might not have a lot of food to offer people. I think it will be a fun night, though.

the beginning

It was a Sunday in December and we were at the high school ministry meeting. Our leader, Corey, mentioned that the Cooper's from Back2Back had emailed him and needed a teacher for the 2007-2008 school year. They told him to ask me. We have been there twice with the high schoolers so they know me. As soon as he said it I felt a tug at my heart that I just couldn't shake. That started the process...praying, talking, crying, journaling, fasting, praying, talking, crying, journaling...
It was all about giving up control and letting go. God showed me a picture of me moving foward while one hand was holding on behind me.
"Courage and Comfort are far from each other"
God had not closed any doors.
After several phone interviews and my own inner battles I made the decision.