Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the countdown is on

Well this summer has been amazing and now I have 16 days til I leave. I have been hanging out with friends as much as I can- going to the beach, weddings, movies, dinners, Camp Adventure, etc... I got to see family when I went to PA for a week in June and I have my last sleepover with my niece this week. A few weeks ago I was having a really rough time and was crying all the time and not wanting to go. I felt like my comfort zone was about to be ripped out from under me - which it is. But....I realized there is nothing better the enemy wanted to do than discourage me before I left. I want to enjoy my last few weeks! It was awesome to talk to the Mexico team from church when they got back Saturday! They got to see where I will be working, living, and the people I will be with.
My going- away party is August 12 at 4:00 at our house...please come.