Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another thing we do McCollum week is have a huge picnic with all the childrens' homes on our campus. We cook and prepare all day and then have food, hang out time, and a church service.

McCollum week - 4th week of June

One of Back2Back's friends, Steve McCollum, comes down every summer and does soccer camps with the childrens' homes. He also brings hundreds of soccer balls and other gear for them. This year there was a big game with his soccer team from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy versus our teens at Back2Back! We rented a soccer stadium down the road and cheered them on! It was a ton of fun...
Here are both teams

Here I am sporting my Mexico shirt!!
I got to go to the graduation of the kids at Casa Hogar Douglas who graduated from elementary school. I am so proud of them!!

Here are some of my friends:

Jazmin's Birthday

3rd week of groups

During the 3rd week of groups I got to know more new friends and worked a lot at Casa Hogar Douglas. I learned how to put up a chain link fence and got 2 of the teen girls to work with us, too! It was hot - 100-105 degrees most days!

2nd Week of Summer '09

I was privileged to get to go to a Casa Hogar in El Limon, 5 hours away, with a group from Ohio during our second week of June! We traveled by bus to stay there for the week. It is located southeast and is in the heart of sugar cane country and 45 minutes from the beach. It was my first time at this childrens' home but I had heard a lot about it and we have teens living on our campus who came from here so I was excited to get to experience it. The directors are an amazing, Christian couple and the children all love the Lord and work hard and worship hard!!
This is the main building

Here the children are putting on a talent show for us!

Game time!

Back2Back tries to help each childrens home to be self-sufficient by helping them have a business they can support themselves with. In El Limon money was donated for a soccer stadium that they can rent out to groups and make money off of..
Our projects included digging footers, cutting rebar (I learned how) and mixing cement for the footers for the stands...

We painted the whole inside of the stadium green.