Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last night about 8 of our teens and 2 house parents and Jessica and I went to an event in the city to "pray for Mexico". People were supposed to wear white as a sign of peace. It was an amazing experience as about 25,000 people showed up for 4 hours of worship and prayer in the microplaza of the city. The governor was there and other people in politics. One of our favorite worship leaders, David Alfano, was there for a time of praising and adoration in between praying. Our God is big and a God of healing and he can bring this city under his Lordship!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the Hope Program

I just love every one of these teens and their personalities! God has given me such a heart for them. I hope you will pray with me for their futures, their relationships with Jesus, and the impact they can have on the world.


One of the sweetest girls at Casa Hogar Douglas is Alondra. Whenever I am over there she is helping out the caregivers and everyone loves her! Well Alondra turned 15 this September and had her Quincinera. In Mexico the tradition is that the girl has padrinos to buy everything - like the cake, the dress, the shoes, the Bible, etc...I got the privilege of buying Alondra's shoes. To me this was a chance to love on her and spend time with her too. So one afternoon we went out shoe shopping. I don't know if she was ever told, "Okay pick whichever ones you like". She was very timid but knew exactly what she wanted. It was a great day and then to see them on her with the dress was fun! She looked beautiful!